Cleanup and Debris Removal Service Near Edmonds

Are you dealing with debris on your property you’re ready to get rid of? Perhaps you have a shed that became run down or even a vacant lot that has become a dumping ground for others. Whatever your unique situation is, Ready Removal is here to help. We proudly provide budget-friendly cleanup and debris removal service near Edmonds for business and residential clients. We understand how overwhelming it can be to clean up your property. Allow us to do it for you!

Check out our different service options below!

Cleaning Rental Property

Even if your tenant was a great one, they can leave behind junk that needs to be cleaned up before the next one moves in. Our junk removal specialists can assist you with that. We can come in, clean the home, and remove all the unwanted items for you.

Vacant Property

When you are the owner of a piece of property, you are responsible if it becomes a dumping ground for others. That’s where our company comes in. We can completely clear out the debris from your lot to help avoid costly fines.

Debris From Storms

When summer thunderstorms roll through, they can leave a trail of destruction. Don’t worry! Our removal specialists are here to help. We provide affordable cleanup services after the storm to clear out your yard or business property.


We also take care of any landscaping debris left behind after you’ve spruced up your property. Don’t worry about the leftover junk. Allow our company to take care of that for you as you enjoy the new look.

Contact our office today by calling (425) 382-6960 for an appointment or information about our cleanup and debris removal service near Edmonds.