Junk Removal Service Near Everett

When it comes to junk removal service near Everett, the team at Ready Removal is at your service. Our team has been working in this business for years, helping clients just like you to get rid of clutter and waste. We work with property types both in the commercial and residential sectors. Our team provides a variety of services to help you clean up the property you have. No matter the reason, we are here to assist you with any types of junk removal.


Our team works with businesses all over the area to provide the waste removal services they require. We can take away computers, printers, electronics, furniture and so much more.

We also provide debris removal services to help you clear out demolition debris, office supplies, and trash. We can help with landscaping debris as well.


Our company also provides a wide range of services for homeowners in the area. We work with you during hoarding situations, storm cleanup, and after fire or flooding damage. We know that your home is your safe place, and we want to help you return it to that. We offer high-quality service when you need it most.

We also work with regular junk removal, such as getting rid of appliances, removing backyard pools or buildings, and taking off debris and waste that you need to get rid of. Our team works with a variety of items such as landscaping debris, organization after cleanup in a hoarding situation, and taking off the trash.

Call our office today at (425) 382-6960 for all your junk removal service near Everett. Our team is ready to assist you with commercial and personal removal needs.