Junk Removal Service Near Mountlake Terrace

Clearing out your home or office can be quite a daunting task. Looking at the sheer volume of items you want to remove can prevent you from ever getting started. Then there’s the hassle of finding time to do it in your busy schedule, finding help, or a vehicle to haul items away, and you just never seem to get around to it. There’s help for your junk removal service near Mountlake Terrace. Here at Ready Removal, we provide service to take away all of your unwanted items and dispose of them properly. Take a look at the services our technicians provide to help you get that office or home junk removal taken care of.


Whether you need to get rid of appliances or clean up a hoarding situation, our team has you covered. We work with you within a two-hour time frame of your choice to come onsite and evaluate your needs. Once we’ve assessed the situation and given you a cost estimate, we can get started right away. Our company removes all types of items, including above ground pools, old shed buildings, landscaping debris, and so much more.

Vacant Lot

If you own a property that has not been developed yet, you need to keep an eye on the lot itself. Unfortunately, people tend to leave items in the middle of a vacant lot for others to take care of. This could lead to costly fines for you as the owner, even if the items aren’t yours. That is where our company comes in. Allow us to clear the lot for you and avoid those steep littering fines.


Our cleanup professionals can take care of demolition debris, office furniture, old cubicles, and so much more.

Contact our office today at (425) 382-6960 to see how we can provide the junk removal service near Mountlake Terrace that you need.