Kitchen & Bathroom Demolition Contractor Near Kenmore

Before you start your remodeling project, consider hiring a kitchen & bathroom demolition contractor near Kenmore to help. Here at Ready Removal, we take pride in offering a wide range of services that help you get the old out to bring in the new. Our team provides the manpower and expertise you need to complete the job on time and done correctly.

If you’re planning for updates soon, check out our services below to see how we can assist you!

Residential & Commercial Demolition

Is it time to upgrade your business bathrooms? Have you been putting off a remodel of your kitchen? Then you’re in the prime location to get the job done as soon as you can! Our passionate team works diligently to offer you all the services you need as your demolition contractor.

Home Demolition – Interior

Our technicians can remove your carpeting, linoleum, hardwood, or vinyl and tile flooring with ease. That can be a hard job to do alone. You don’t have to with our team on your side! You can also get that wall that’s blocking your view in your kitchen torn down as well. The specialists with Ready Removal can do all the demolition for you to continue working on the other aspects of your renovation.

Kitchen and Bathroom Demolition

Our kitchen and bathroom demolition staff work to help remove cabinets, fixtures, and other aspects of the rooms that need to be taken out. You can rest assured that the area is clear for your new items in no time.

Construction Debris Removal

When all is said and done, your renovation project will produce a wide range of construction debris. These are typically items such as sheet metal, bricks, concrete, and wood, among other items- they must be disposed of properly. Our removal team works within the guidelines of the city to ensure everything is handled properly.

When you’re ready to hire a kitchen & bathroom demolition contractor near Kenmore, be sure to call the office at (425) 382-6960.