Mercer Island Junk & Debris Removal

Our team will provide you with a two-hour window that fits your schedule to come out and evaluate the job you have. We will then put together an estimate of the job with our affordable pricing model.

We understand that dealing with a lifelong hoarding situation is very overwhelming. No matter how you got to this point, it’s important to know that there are compassionate team members here to help.

We understand what it takes to properly move and dispose of all types of items. Don’t put this on yourself. Allow our team to take care of the hassle and stress of getting rid of junk for you.

Is that wall blocking your kitchen and dining room bothering you? Our technicians can help! We can take down interior walls, remove flooring, and any other demolition you may need to get the dream results you want.

We understand the process can seem overwhelming on your own. That’s exactly why we provide affordable services to do it for you!